Add vRealize Operation Manager in the WS1 App Catalog

When you integrate vRealize with WS1 Access, users are going to be authenticated using the OAuth method. the problem is that the application won’t appear in the application catalogue, administrator will need to go to the vROps login page and then select the right identity then click on Redirect as show below.

Get Application Information

To add the application in the application catalog you need to first get the information of the oauth client

Go to Catalog > Settings > Remote App Access

Select the OAuth client corresponding to vROps, you can see if it’s the right one by looking at the Redirect URI

Take note of the following: Client ID and the Redirect URI

You also need to get the information from vROps on how the integration have been done.

Build the URL

The url is as follow:


So from the information above my url is going to be:

Add the vROps as Web Link

Next step is to add vROps as a Web Link in the application catalog.

Paste the URL build before

Save and assign the right population of users.

Now the app is available directly in the application catalog for admin/users to use. Perfect for user with limited access which might not know the url by heart.


One of the caveat of this method is that the authentication policy is one for the portal as it is a web link there is no step up possible or specific policy for the application.
The other one is that the URL might change if vROps configuration changes the link will need to be updated and as this is not part of the default install might be forgotten.