This page containt Win32 error code returned by different component of Windows.

Windows Configuration Manager MDM Error List

The following list are the error code returned by the Policy Manager responsible for the MDM command execution on a Windows machine.
Event Viewer: Applications and Services > Microsoft > Windows > DeviceManagement-Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provider > Admin Section

Error Name Win32 Err Description
CFGMGR_E_INVALIDNODEOPTIONS0x86000000The node options provided are invalid
CFGMGR_E_INVALIDDATATYPE0x86000001The data type is invalid.
CFGMGR_E_NODENOTFOUND 0x86000002The specified node doesn’t exist.
CFGMGR_E_ILLEGALOPERATIONINATRANSACTION0x86000003The operation is illegal inside of a transaction.
CFGMGR_E_ILLEGALOPERATIONOUTSIDEATRANSACTION0x86000004The operation is illegal outside of a transaction.
CFGMGR_E_ONEORMOREEXECUTIONFAILURES0x86000005One or more commands failed to Execute.
CFGMGR_E_ONEORMORECANCELFAILURES0x86000006One or more commands failed to revert during the cancel.
CFGMGR_S_COMMANDFAILEDDUETOTRANSACTIONROLLBACK0x06000007The command was executed, but the transaction failed so the command was rolled back successfully.
CFGMGR_E_COMMITFAILURE0x86000008The transaction failed during the commit phase.
CFGMGR_E_ROLLBACKFAILURE0x86000009The transaction failed during the rollback phase.
CFGMGR_E_ONEORMORECLEANUPFAILURES0x8600000AOne or more commands failed during the cleanup phase after the transactions were committed.
CFGMGR_E_CONFIGNODESTATEOBJECTNOLONGERVALID0x8600000BThe IConfigNodeState interface may not be used after the validation call.
CFGMGR_E_CSPREGISTRATIONCORRUPT0x8600000CThe CSP registration in the registry is corrupted.
CFGMGR_E_NODEFAILEDTOCANCEL0x8600000DThe cancel operation failed on the node.
CFGMGR_E_DEPENDENTOPERATIONFAILURE0x8600000EThe operation failed on the node because of a prior operation failure.
CFGMGR_E_CSPNODEILLEGALSTATE0x8600000FThe requested command failed because the node is in an invalid state.
CFGMGR_E_REQUIRESINTERNALTRANSACTIONING0x86000010The node must be internally transactioned to call this command.
CFGMGR_E_COMMANDNOTALLOWED0x86000011The requested command is not allowed on the target.
CFGMGR_E_INTERCSPOPERATION0x86000012Inter-CSP copy and move operations are illegal.
CFGMGR_E_PROPERTYNOTSUPPORTED0x86000013The requested property is not supported by the node.
CFGMGR_E_INVALIDSEMANTICTYPE0x86000014The semantic type is invalid.
CFGMGR_E_FORBIDDENURISEGMENT0x86000015The URI contains a forbidden segment.
CFGMGR_E_READWRITEACCESSDENIED0x86000016The requested read/write permission was not allowed.
CFGMGR_E_SECRETDATAACCESSDENIED0x86000017The requested read permission was not allowed because the data is secret.
CFGMGR_E_XMLPARSEERROR0x86000018Error occured in XML parser.
CFGMGR_E_COMMANDTIMEOUT0x86000019The requested command timed out.
CFGMGR_E_IMPERSONATIONERROR0x86000020The CSP impersonation reference count value is incorrect.
CFGMGR_E_WMIOPERATIONERROR0X86000021The WMI operation error results from invalid arg, duplicate content, type mismatch, etc.
CFGMGR_E_NOIMPERSONATIONTARGET0x86000022No target SID for the CSP impersonation.
RESOURCEMGR_E_RESOURCEALREADYOWNED0x86000023Resource already provisioned by another configuration source.

Windows BITS Client Error List

The following list are the error code returned by the BITS Client responsible for downloads on Windows for some component.
Event Viewer: Applications and Services > Microsoft > Windows > Bits-Client >Operational

Error NameWin32 ErrDescription
BG_S_PARTIAL_COMPLETE0x00200017A subset of the job’s files transferred successfully before the IBackgroundCopyJob::Complete method was called. Those that were not complete were deleted.
BG_S_UNABLE_TO_DELETE_FILES0x0020001AUnable to delete all temporary files associated with the job.
BG_S_OVERRIDDEN_BY_POLICY0x00200055The configuration preference has been saved successfully, but the preference will not be used because a configured Group Policy setting overrides the preference.
BG_E_NOT_FOUND0x80200001The requested job was not found.
BG_E_INVALID_STATE0x80200002The requested action is not allowed in the current job state.
BG_E_EMPTY0x80200003The job must contain one or more files before you can resume the job.
BG_E_FILE_NOT_AVAILABLE0x80200004File information is not available because the error is not associated with a local or remote file.
BG_E_PROTOCOL_NOT_AVAILABLE0x80200005Protocol information is not available because the error is not associated with the specified transfer protocol.
BG_E_DESTINATION_LOCKED0x8020000DThe destination file system volume, specified in the local file name, is locked
BG_E_VOLUME_CHANGED0x8020000EThe destination volume, specified in the local file name, has changed. For example, the original floppy disk has been replaced with a different floppy disk.
BG_E_ERROR_INFORMATION_UNAVAILABLE0x8020000FError information is only available when the state of the job is BG_JOB_STATE_ERROR. The error information is not available after BITS begins transferring the job’s data or the client exits.
BG_E_NETWORK_DISCONNECTED0x80200010The network adapter is inactive or disconnected. All jobs are placed in the BG_JOB_STATE_TRANSIENT_ERROR state.
BG_E_MISSING_FILE_SIZE0x80200011The server did not return the file size. BITS only transfers static content and requires the HTTP server to return the Content-Length header. The transfer request fails if the URL points to dynamic content.
BG_E_INSUFFICIENT_HTTP_SUPPORT0x80200012The server does not support the HTTP/1.1 protocol
BG_E_INSUFFICIENT_RANGE_SUPPORT0x80200013The server does not support the Content-Range header. Typically, you receive this error when you try to download dynamic content. You can also receive this error if an intermediate proxy is removing the Content-Range or Content-Length header.
BG_E_REMOTE_NOT_SUPPORTED0x80200014Remote use of BITS is not supported.
BG_E_NEW_OWNER_DIFF_MAPPING0x80200015The network drive mapping for the local file is different for the current owner than for the previous owner.
BG_E_NEW_OWNER_NO_FILE_ACCESS0x80200016The new owner has insufficient permissions to the temporary job files.
BG_E_PROXY_LIST_TOO_LARGE0x80200018The HTTP proxy list is too long. The list must not exceed 32 KB.
BG_E_PROXY_BYPASS_LIST_TOO_LARGE0x80200019The HTTP proxy bypass list is too long. The list must not exceed 32 KB.
BG_E_TOO_MANY_FILES0x8020001CYou cannot add more than one file to an upload job.
BG_E_LOCAL_FILE_CHANGED0x8020001DThe contents of the local file changed after the transfer process began. The contents of the local file cannot change after the transfer process begins on an upload or upload-reply job.
BG_E_TOO_LARGE0x80200020The size of the upload file exceeds the maximum allowed upload size specified on the server.
BG_E_STRING_TOO_LONG0x80200021The specified string is too long.
BG_E_CLIENT_SERVER_PROTOCOL_MISMATCH0x80200022The client and server were unable to negotiate a protocol to use for the upload job.
BG_E_SERVER_EXECUTE_ENABLED0x80200023Scripting or execute permissions are enabled on the IIS virtual directory associated with the job. To upload files to the virtual directory, disable the scripting and execute permissions on the virtual directory.
BG_E_USERNAME_TOO_LARGE0x80200025The user name cannot exceed 300 characters.
BG_E_PASSWORD_TOO_LARGE0x80200026The password cannot exceed 65535 characters.
BG_E_INVALID_AUTH_TARGET0x80200027The specified authentication target is not valid.
BG_E_INVALID_AUTH_SCHEME0x80200028The specified authentication scheme is not valid.
BG_E_INVALID_RANGE0x8020002BThe specified byte range is invalid. The byte range must exist within the specified remote file.
BG_E_OVERLAPPING_RANGES0x8020002CThe list of byte ranges contains overlapping or duplicate ranges, which are not supported.
BG_E_BLOCKED_BY_POLICY0x8020003EGroup Policy MaxInternetBandwidth settings prevent background jobs from running at this time.
BG_E_INVALID_PROXY_INFO0x8020003FRun-time error that indicates the proxy list or proxy bypass list specified is invalid.
BG_E_INVALID_CREDENTIALS0x80200040The format of the supplied security credentials is not valid.
BG_E_RECORD_DELETED0x80200042The cache record has been deleted. The attempt to update it has been abandoned.
BG_E_UPNP_ERROR0x80200045A Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) error has occurred. Please check your Internet Gateway Device.
BG_E_PEERCACHING_DISABLED0x80200047Peer-caching is disabled.
BG_E_BUSYCACHERECORD0x80200048The cache record is in use and cannot be changed or deleted. Try again after a few seconds.
BG_E_TOO_MANY_JOBS_PER_USER0x80200049The job count for the user has exceeded the per user job limit set by the MaxJobsPerUser Group Policy setting.
BG_E_TOO_MANY_JOBS_PER_MACHINE0x80200050The job count for the computer has exceeded the per computer job limit set by the MaxJobsPerMachine Group Policy setting.
BG_E_TOO_MANY_FILES_IN_JOB0x80200051The file count for the job has exceeded the per job file limit set by the MaxFilesPerJob Group Policy setting.
BG_E_TOO_MANY_RANGES_IN_FILE0x80200052The range count for the file has exceeded the per file range limit set by the MaxRangesPerFile Group Policy setting.
BG_E_VALIDATION_FAILED0x80200053The application requested data from a website, but the response was not valid.
BG_E_MAXDOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT0x80200054BITS timed out downloading the job. The download did not complete within the maximum download time set on the job or the MaxDownloadTime Group Policy setting.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_4000x80190190The server could not process the transfer request because the syntax of the remote file name is invalid.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_4010x80190191The user does not have permission to access the remote file. The requested resource requires user authentication.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_4040x80190194The requested URL does not exist on the server.
In IIS 7, this error can indicate
– That BITS uploads are not enabled on the virtual directory (vdir) on the server.
-That the upload size exceeds the maximum upload limit, BITSMaximumUploadSize IIS extension property.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_4070x80190197The user does not have permission to access the proxy. The proxy requires user authentication.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_4140x8019019EThe server cannot process the transfer request. The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) in the remote file name is longer than the server can interpret.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_5010x801901F5The server does not support the functionality required to fulfill the request. In IIS 6, this error indicates that BITS uploads are not enabled on the virtual directory (vdir) on the server.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_5030x801901F7The service is temporarily overloaded and cannot process the request. Resume the job at a later time.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_5040x801901F8The transfer request timed out while waiting for a gateway. Resume the job at a later time.
BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_5050x801901F9The server does not support the HTTP protocol version specified in the remote file name.

XML Parsing Error

The following list are the error code returned by the XML parsing component of Policy Manager responsible for parsing the SyncML received from the MDM server.
Event Viewer: Applications and Services > Microsoft > Windows > DeviceManagement-Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provider > Admin Section

Error NameWin32 ErrDescription
MSG_E_MX0xC00CEE00Reader error.
MSG_E_INPUTEND0xC00CEE01Unexpected end of input.
MSG_E_ENCODING0xC00CEE02Unrecognized encoding.
MSG_E_ENCODINGSWITCH0xC00CEE03Unable to switch the encoding.
MSG_E_ENCODINGSIGNATURE0xC00CEE04Unrecognized input signature.
MSG_E_WC0xC00CEE20Well formedness error.
MSG_E_WHITESPACE0xC00CEE21Whitespace expected.
MSG_E_SEMICOLON0xC00CEE22Semicolon expected.
MSG_E_GREATERTHAN0xC00CEE23‘>’ expected.
MSG_E_QUOTE0xC00CEE24Quote expected.
MSG_E_EQUAL0xC00CEE25Equal expected.
MSG_E_LESSTHAN0xC00CEE26An attribute value must not contain ‘<‘.
MSG_E_HEXDIGIT0xC00CEE27Hexadecimal digit expected.
MSG_E_DIGIT0xC00CEE28Decimal digit expected.
MSG_E_LEFTBRACKET0xC00CEE29‘[‘ expected.
MSG_E_LEFTPAREN0xC00CEE2A‘(‘ expected.
MSG_E_XMLCHARACTER0xC00CEE2BIllegal xml character.
MSG_E_NAMECHARACTER0xC00CEE2CIllegal name character.
MSG_E_SYNTAX0xC00CEE2DIncorrect document syntax.
MSG_E_CDSECT0xC00CEE2EIncorrect CDATA section syntax.
MSG_E_COMMENT0xC00CEE2FIncorrect comment syntax.
MSG_E_CONDSECT0xC00CEE30Incorrect conditional section syntax.
MSG_E_DECLATTLIST0xC00CEE31Incorrect ATTLIST declaration syntax.
MSG_E_DECLDOCTYPE0xC00CEE32Incorrect DOCTYPE declaration syntax.
MSG_E_DECLELEMENT0xC00CEE33Incorrect ELEMENT declaration syntax.
MSG_E_DECLENTITY0xC00CEE34Incorrect ENTITY declaration syntax.
MSG_E_DECLNOTATION0xC00CEE35Incorrect NOTATION declaration syntax.
MSG_E_NDATA0xC00CEE36NDATA expected.
MSG_E_NAME0xC00CEE39Name expected.
MSG_E_ROOTELEMENT0xC00CEE3AA document must contain exactly one root element.
MSG_E_ELEMENTMATCH0xC00CEE3BThe name in the end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag.
MSG_E_UNIQUEATTRIBUTE0xC00CEE3CNo attribute name may appear more than once in the same start tag or empty element tag.
MSG_E_TEXTXMLDECL0xC00CEE3DA text/xml declaration may occur only at the very beginning of input.
MSG_E_LEADINGXML0xC00CEE3ENames beginning with the three letter sequence x, m, l, in any case combination, are reserved for use by XML and XML-related specifications.
MSG_E_TEXTDECL0xC00CEE3FIncorrect text declaration syntax.
MSG_E_XMLDECL0xC00CEE40Incorrect xml declaration syntax.
MSG_E_ENCNAME0xC00CEE41Incorrect encoding name syntax.
MSG_E_PUBLICID0xC00CEE42Incorrect public identifier syntax.
MSG_E_PESINTERNALSUBSET0xC00CEE43In the internal DTD subset, parameter entity references can occur only where markup declarations can occur, not within markup declarations.
MSG_E_PESBETWEENDECLS0xC00CEE44The replacement text of a parameter entity referenced between markup declarations must be well formed.
MSG_E_NORECURSION0xC00CEE45A parsed entity must not contain a recursive reference to itself, either directly or indirectly.
MSG_E_ENTITYCONTENT0xC00CEE46The replacement text of an entity referenced in the content must be well formed.
MSG_E_UNDECLAREDENTITY0xC00CEE47Undeclared entity.
MSG_E_PARSEDENTITY0xC00CEE48An entity reference must not contain the name of an unparsed entity.
MSG_E_NOEXTERNALENTITYREF0xC00CEE49Attribute values cannot contain direct or indirect entity references to external entities.
MSG_E_PI0xC00CEE4AIncorrect processing instruction syntax.
MSG_E_SYSTEMID0xC00CEE4BIncorrect system identifier syntax.
MSG_E_CDSECTEND0xC00CEE4DThe content of an element must not contain the character sequence ‘]]>’.
MSG_E_RESERVEDXMLNAMESPACE0xC00CEE4FThe namespace for ‘xmlns:xml’ is reserved and it can only be declared as ‘’.
MSG_E_RESERVEDXMLNS0xC00CEE50Prefixes ‘xml’ and ‘xmlns’ are reserved for use by XML.
MSG_E_NC0xC00CEE60Namespace error.
MSG_E_QNAMECHARACTER0xC00CEE61Illegal qualified name character.
MSG_E_QNAMECOLON0xC00CEE62A qualified name cannot contain multiple colons.
MSG_E_NAMECOLON0xC00CEE63An attribute value declared to be of type ID, IDREF(S), ENTITY(IES) or NOTATION cannot contain colons.
MSG_E_DECLAREDPREFIX0xC00CEE64Declared prefix.
MSG_E_UNDECLAREDPREFIX0xC00CEE65Undeclared prefix.
MSG_E_EMPTYURI0xC00CEE66Only a default namespace can have an empty URI.
MSG_E_VC0xC00CEE80Validity error.