Mobile SSO iOS and Bundle ID: the Wildcard option

When we configure Mobile SSO on iOS with VMware Identity Manager, the documentation indicate that, you have to list the applications bundle IDs that will do Mobile SSO, however sometime it can be cumbersome to every single one of them.

Mobile SSO on iOS with IDM rely on the Single Sign-On payload on iOS which allow the usage of wildcard, with the following rules :

The wildcard character must appear after a period character (.) , and may appear only once, at the end of the string(com.mycompany.*, for example). When a wildcard is included, any app whose bundle ID begins with the prefix is granted access to the account.

The only drawback with this is configuration is you won’t have full control over exactly which app. However, using it on internal application will help deployment and make sure that the new internal app is able to use this authentication method without any further configuration from the Workspace ONE Administrator.

This can be useful for POC and testing purposes as well.

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